About Freshmile

France’s first charging service operator

The company was founded by Arnaud Mora in 2010 in Entzheim (Strasbourg). A joint venture was created in 2016 with Group Caisse des Dépôts, France’s largest institutional investor: Freshmile Services.

As a charge point operator, we manage charging stations on behalf of private and public owners: cities, local councils, companies, shops, hotels, restaurants, car parks, etc. The site owners entrust us with technical operations and management of end-users.

As an electric mobility service provider, we enable EV drivers to charge easily: Freshmile Pass, Freshmile app, 24/7 hotline, support through a dedicated client relations centre.

Would you like to join us and take part in the ongoing energy transition? We are always looking for new talents, send us an email to apply.