Freshmile Public

Cities, local councils, shops, hotels, restaurants, car parks: open your charging stations to all EV drivers to make money

  • Maximum use of your charging points
  • Attract new customers and visitors
  • Make EV drivers pay for their charge
  • Trust a specialist to manage your charge points
  • High availability
  • Offer a 24/7 hotline to EV drivers
  • Designed for charging stations open to the general public
  • Compatible with all chargers and vehicles


Freshmile Park software

  • Chargers connected to Freshmile servers
  • Free and pay-for charging
  • Interoperability and roaming with other operators
  • Visibility of stations on other operators’ apps
  • Power management
  • Online statistics
  • Environmental data for RSE reporting

Autres services

  • Freshmile secured SIM card
  • Subsidies management

Services aux conducteurs de VE

  • Charge with Freshmile Pass and Freshmile app
  • 24/7 hotline
  • Email support

Exploitation des bornes

  • Management of charging stations
  • Monitoring by the technical operations centre
  • Remote maintenance


€ 79.00

Activation per charge point

€ 19.99

per month per charge point

Data costs may apply depending on project

Request a quote (France only)

Estimate the cost of managing your station or your fleet, our sales team will revert to you within 48 hours. For projects outside France, please send an email

Request a quote (France only)

Why Freshmile

  • 1st independent operator in France
  • Complete know-how, stations management and client relations management
  • 12,000 charge points under management
  • 100,000 enrolled EV drivers
  • Access to more than 150,000 public charge points in Europe
  • Compatible with all vehicles
  • Electric mobility expert since 2010
  • 100% specialized in electric mobility
  • Compatible with all major charging stations manufacturers
  • Made in France
  • Cloud hosting in France with strict GDPR compliance
  • No sale of personal data
  • Pure-player in energy transition and solidarity and social economy

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