About Freshmile

Freshmile has pioneered EV charging services since 2010. We answer questions from thousands of EV drivers each month. Our mission is to make EV charging easy and enjoyable

The company was founded in 2010 by Arnaud Mora in Strasbourg. In 2016, a joint-venture was created with Group Caisse des dépôts, France’s largest institutional investor. Thanks to this alliance, Freshmile became a recognized leader in France and in Europe. In 2021, Freshmile was acquired by Rexel Group.

As a charge point operator (CPO), we operate charging stations on behalf of public and private station owners : cities, local councils, companies, shops, hotels, restaurants, car park operators, etc. Station owners entrust Freshmile with all operations linked to the technical functioning of stations as well as the client relations management with EV drivers.

As an electric mobility service provider (EMSP, EMP or MSP), we provide EV drivers with simple and reliable means of charging their car: Freshmile Pass, Freshmile app, 24/7 hotline and email support provided by a client relations centre which is 100% dedicated to electric mobility.

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Meet our team

Alicia Barrios, Sales, Freshmile

Alicia Barrios


Maryline Baumgartner, Client relations officer, Freshmile

Maryline Baumgartner

Client relations officer

Céline Bonnet, Admin manager, Freshmile

Céline Bonnet

Admin manager

Pablo Bordia, Operations officer, Freshmile

Pablo Bordia

Operations officer

Tom Chevalier, Sales, Freshmile

Tom Chevalier


David Commun, Operations officer, Freshmile

David Commun

Operations officer

Jean Ehrhardt, Project manager, Freshmile

Jean Ehrhardt

Project manager

Ludivine Fetter, Client relations officer, Freshmile

Ludivine Fetter

Client relations officer

Valentin Florance, Project officer, Freshmile

Valentin Florance

Project officer

Cécile Fournil, Client relations officer, Freshmile

Cécile Fournil

Client relations officer

Soizic Gentil, Communications officer, Freshmile

Soizic Gentil

Communications officer

Morgane Germay, Operations officer, Freshmile

Morgane Germay

Operations officer

Emilie Guyon, Coordination manager, Freshmile

Emilie Guyon

Coordination manager

Julie Hecketsweiler, Client relations centre manager, Freshmile

Julie Hecketsweiler

Client relations centre manager

Victor Heim, Developer, Freshmile

Victor Heim


Guillaume Hitier, Lead front-end, Freshmile

Guillaume Hitier

Lead front-end

Timothée Jacquard, Developer, Freshmile

Timothée Jacquard


Mélissa Jost, Operations officer, Freshmile

Mélissa Jost

Operations officer

Gaëlle Lacomb, Operations officer, Freshmile

Gaëlle Lacomb

Operations officer

Marie Lamazière, Operations officer, Freshmile

Marie Lamazière

Operations officer

Jérémy Manceau, Maintenance manager, Freshmile

Jérémy Manceau

Maintenance manager

Yannick Marquette, Activation manager, Freshmile

Yannick Marquette

Activation manager

Manon Mathieu, Project manager, Freshmile

Manon Mathieu

Project manager

Johanna Mehl, Operations officer, Freshmile

Johanna Mehl

Operations officer

Thibaud Metzger, Operations officer, Freshmile

Thibaud Metzger

Operations officer

Alice Meyer, Operations director, Freshmile

Alice Meyer

Operations director

Arnaud Mora, Founder, Freshmile

Arnaud Mora


Jean-Rémy Oudin, Chief technology officer, Freshmile

Jean-Rémy Oudin

Chief technology officer

David Pizzulo, Operations officer, Freshmile

David Pizzulo

Operations officer

Mandy Podevin, Operations officer, Freshmile

Mandy Podevin

Operations officer

Florent Poujol, Lead Dev, Freshmile

Florent Poujol

Lead Dev

Laura Rauch, Client relations officer, Freshmile

Laura Rauch

Client relations officer

Victor Renaudin, Project officer, Freshmile

Victor Renaudin

Project officer

Maxime Riehl, Developer, Freshmile

Maxime Riehl


Flavian Rousseau, Project officer, Freshmile

Flavian Rousseau

Project officer

Maxime Roux, Sales, Freshmile

Maxime Roux


Florian Ruyselaar, Software coordinator, Freshmile

Florian Ruyselaar

Software coordinator

Annabelle Simonin, Financial director, Freshmile

Annabelle Simonin

Financial director

Raphaël Sinclair, Designer UI-UX, Freshmile

Raphaël Sinclair

Designer UI-UX

Axel Steinmetz, Client relations officer, Freshmile

Axel Steinmetz

Client relations officer

Ramazan Talas, Operations officer, Freshmile

Ramazan Talas

Operations officer

Surianti Toekidjo, UI/UX Designer, Freshmile

Surianti Toekidjo

UI/UX Designer

Catherine Viehe, Admin, Freshmile

Catherine Viehe


Katarina Zekic, Operations officer, Freshmile

Katarina Zekic

Operations officer