Freshmile Pass et Freshmile App are your two allies to recharge your electric vehicle where you want, when you want.

The Freshmile Pass allows you to charge your electric vehicle at all publicly accessible charging stations in Europe, i.e. ca. 200,000 charge points.

The Freshmile App offers you a map of charging stations, route planning, payment methods and much more


Freshmile Pass

You don't have it yet? Order it today in the shop and receive it in your mailbox within a couple of days.

To check the tariff of a charging station, find it on the online map or on the Freshmile App. You will find charging stations near you with the applicable tariffs

No subscription, no commitment


Freshmile app

Map of charging stations, route planner, invoices and payment methods: driving an electric vehicle has never been so easy! Used by hundreds of thousands of EV drivers, the Freshmile app offers more than 200,000 charging points across Europe.

Download the app

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Use the app to:

  • Check the map of charging points:

With the app, you are never far away from a charging station. Find the nearest station from your smartphone.

  • Check real-time availability of stations:

Waiting for a charging station to be available? It is over! On the Freshmile app, you can filter stations according to their availability status.

  • Check the information of power, connectors and tariffs

Thanks to the app, you ensure to find a charging station that suits your electric vehicle. You can also look for a station with the best tariff!

  • Start charging from your smartphone

You don't have your Freshmile Pass yet? The Freshmile app allows you to start charging from your smartphone, to monitor the progress and stop.

  • Plan your route

In the app, you can set your place of departure, your place of arrival and even stages in your journey. The feature estimates the best route with available charging stations according to the specifications of your vehicle and real-time traffic conditions.

  • Navigate with GPS to the station of your choice

Have you found your charging station? Follow the GPS navigation.

Download the app

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