Freshmile, first French charging service operator to expand in Germany

Freshmile and Pfalzwerke AG create a joint-venture to develop electric vehicle charging services in Germany

The electric vehicle charging operator Freshmile and the utility Pfalzwerke announce the creation of Freshmile Deutschland GmbH, headquartered in Ludwigshafen, in Rheinland-Pfalz (South-West Germany). Building on Freshmile’s know-how in operating EV charging networks and Pfalzwerke’s place on the German energy market, both companies put in common complementary skills to replicate in Germany the business developed by Freshmile in France.

Freshmile Deutschland commercialises infrastructure operator services towards local councils, companies, shops and residential housing estates. The company also sells electric mobility services to individuals as well as company fleets, giving access to more than 20,000 charging points in Europe.

Arnaud Mora, CEO and founder of Freshmile declares: “I am glad of this internationalisation. Freshmile is today the first operator in France able to export a know-how and a business model. The potential of the German market is very important and the alliance with Pfalzwerke allows us to build a strong position both in France and in Germany. I am also proud of the Freshmile team, who was able to adapt processes and organisation so that the technical operation centre and the client relationship centre in Strasbourg become able to serve both markets equally, in French, in German and in English.”

About Freshmile

Freshmile is France’s largest independent EV charging operator. Founded in 2010 in Strasbourg and backed since 2016 by Group Caisse des Dépôts, France’s largest institutional investor, Freshmile is today a major player in the nascent field of electric vehicle charging services. It employs 25 professionals fully dedicated to EV charging.

Freshmile is a charging point operator who manages thousands of charging stations on behalf of public and private infrastructure owners, handling technical issues from availability to billing and real-time follow-up of charging sessions. At the same time, Freshmile is also an electric mobility service provider: thousands of EV drivers, both individuals and corporate clients, use its services to charge at home, at work and on the go, in France and abroad. Freshmile’s strong point lies in its ability to combine the complementary businesses of charging point operator and electric mobility provider.

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