Freshmile, charge operator for electric vehicles

Freshmile is a charge operator for electric vehicles. Freshmile runs charging stations for its own account or on behalf of third parties.

Freshmile clients are the local authorities, companies, shops and parking operators who offer a charging service and the electric car drivers who want to charge.

Since 2010 Freshmile develops softwares and mobile apps which enable to charge and pay easily.

Freshmile, the made-to-measure charge.

  • I have an electric vehicle

    • I use the free app
    • I find charging stations
    • I understand what I pay for
  • I own charging stations

    • I keep control of my budget
    • I earn money with my charging stations
    • I get assistance
  • I install charging stations

    • I become a charge expert
    • I get technical information
    • I sell an innovating service

No subscription, no engagement

Freshmile offers a unique user process without subscription or engagement. Anybody can easily use a charging station. It is possible to pay online or on a mobile phone with different platforms such as a credit card but also electronic currencies, loyalty points and local currencies.

This flexibility suits as well occasional guests and regular users and public charging stations as well as private ones.

Anybody can charge

Freshmile actively supports the charging interoperability being the first operator to be connected to the French Gireve and German Hubject interoperability platforms.

A charging stations network highly spreading

In partnership with the Caisse des Dépôts in the branch Freshmile Services, Freshmile is currently spreading a charging stations network all over France and beyond borders.

Discover the stations network

Take a look at the map or download the free Freshmile Charge app.

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