Manage your charge points with Freshmile

Services for public and private stations

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Freshmile Light

  • From € 4.99 per month
  • Freshmile Park back-end software
  • Staff training
  • More than just software-as-a-service
  • Service at the lowest price
Public charge points

Freshmile Easy

  • Stations from 3 kW to 350 kW
  • Billing of users
  • Roaming OCPI, Hubject, Gireve
  • Technical opperations centre
  • 24/7 hotline
Charge points business


  • Remote maintenance of stations
  • Billing of employees
  • Free of charge for company cars
  • Outgoing roaming
  • Electric fuel card for your fleet
Charge points condominium

Blocks of flats

  • Dedicated electrical circuit
  • Shared stations 3-22 kW
  • Private wallboxes 3-7 kW
  • Attractive price per kWh
  • Billing of residents
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Trust the leader for EV charging services

  • charge point quality
    100% EV charging specialist
    • More than 10 years experience
    • Ability to handle projects from 1 to 1,000 stations
    • Financial strength of France’s largest institutional investor
    • Operating 10,000 public and private charging stations
    • Access to 100,000 charging stations in Europe
  • partner installer
    Electrical installers: become a Freshmile partner
    • Compatible with all chargers, all brands
    • Activation kit for immediate commissioning
    • Remote monitoring and maintenance
    • Technical operations centre to assist your interventions
    • Become a specialist in a fast-growing industry
  • charge points back-end
    Charging service operator made in Europe
    • Based in Strasbourg, creating jobs for Europeans
    • Back-end software 100% in-house
    • Operations 100% in-house
    • More than 200 certified chargers
    • A growing network of qualified installers
  • charge points roaming
    • QR code for on-demand charging without enrolment
    • Booking of charging points
    • Power management
    • Tariff transparency
    • Clients’ deposits held by a charity bank
    • Pioneer of peer-to-peer OCPI roaming