Electric vehicle

Freshmile Charge

Install charging stations for electric vehicles and manage them with Freshmile Charge.

Freshmile Charge is the all-in-one solution to monitor charging stations, manage end-user access rights and billing.

Offers are available for cities, corporate clients, shops, car park operators, collective housing and individuals.

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Mobility tracker

Record your daily activities with the Freshmile app.

Revisit the places you have been on holidays, visualize your latest bike tour or keep a record of your business trips.

Download the app. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s useful.

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fleet management

Freshmile Fleet

Discover Freshmile Fleet, the easy and affordable solution for fleet management.

A smartphone is enough: no box to install in the vehicle, no expert set-up.

Give it a try, the price is unbeatable, there is no minimum contract period and there are no strings attached.

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