Freshmile Fleet

The electric fuel card to charge everywhere in Europe

With Freshmile Fleet, make sure that your staff can charge on all public charging stations in Europe, i.e. ca. 450,000 charging points. Roads, cities, car parks, highways, petrol stations: your staff will be able to charge their EV everywhere! Freshmile Fleet compiles a monthly invoice for all charging sessions of your staff. It is compatible with all chargers and all vehicles.


Fleet manager

  • Single invoice at the end of the month for your fleet of EVs
  • Tariffs of charging stations on the online map
  • No minimum consumption
  • No hidden costs
  • Control of your budget

Services for EV drivers

  • Charge with Freshmile Pass and Freshmile app
  • 24/7 hotline
  • Email support

Do you need charging stations for your company car park?

  • Freshmile also manages charging stations for company car parks.
  • Discover the Freshmile Business offer

Do you need stations at your staff's home ?

  • Discover the Employer Pack for successful charges at home and on the road.

Request a quote

Estimate the cost of managing your station or your fleet, our sales team will revert to you within 48 hours. For projects outside France, please send an email