Fleets of electric vehicles

Electric fuel card, centralized billing, chargers at work and at home

Company cars, corporate, institutions, small and medium companies, installers, Freshmile offers services to manage your electric fuel cards


Order as many Freshmile Passes as you need for your company cars and service vehicles. With the same charging card, charge your EVs on your chargers at work as well as on all public stations in Europe


Freshmile Fleet allows you to receive a monthly invoice for all charging sessions of your staff. Choose whether you like an invoice per vehicle, per site or per cost centre. Keep control of your budget by checking usage at any time on Freshmile online portal at any time.

Charge at home

Your staff also needs to recharge their company car at home. Freshmile offers the Employer’s Pack, which covers all needs: chargers at home, chargers at work, electric fuel card working at home, at work and on the go. This offer is available for France, please contact us to use it in other countries.

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Estimate the cost of managing your station or your fleet, our sales team will revert to you within 48 hours. For projects outside France, please send an email

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