Entrust us with your project

The project to install one or more charging stations is made up of a multitude of stages, and the articulation between them is crucial to the success of the project. Freshmile is an expert and works with professionals in each of these steps. With the turnkey solution, Freshmile supports you in the definition of your project, the costing, the coordination and the management of the construction site and the daily monitoring of your charging stations.

The service is available in France only for the time being. Contact us for projects in other countries.

Sound advice

The turnkey offer has been designed for all those who wish to install one or more stations and who need advice. Freshmile accompanies you all along your project and advises you in order to propose you the most adapted offer. From the number of stations to be installed, the choice of model to the technical and electrical installation, you are sure to make the right decisions.

Tailor-made approach

Each project is unique. Freshmile manages your project in its singularity and proposes a specific offer for its installation. This is why a technical visit is carried out on your site by a professional to target the operations to be carried out and to propose a costing that corresponds to your situation.


Freshmile works with qualified installers you can trust. Care is taken at every stage of the project to ensure that the installation goes smoothly.

Monitoring of charging stations

Once installed, your stations are connected. You can monitor their use directly on your account and have access to a lot of information.
You can benefit from remote monitoring that will alert you in case of an incident.

Why choose the turnkey solution?

  • Personalized advice
  • Simplified installation
  • Administrative management
  • Support throughout the project
  • Remote monitoring
  • Trusted installers

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