Freshmile, your electric vehicle charging operator

Freshmile has been a EV charging service operator since 2010. As a specialist of electric vehicle charging, Freshmile offers both mobility solutions to EV drivers and management services to charging station owners. Freshmile's mission is to make EV charging easy and enjoyable for all.

Freshmile Pass

The Freshmile Pass allows you to charge your electric vehicle at all publicly accessible charging stations in Europe, i.e. ca. 450 000 charge points. You don't have it yet? Order it today in the shop and receive it in your mailbox within a couple of days.

Download the Freshmile app

  • Find charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Check availability of chargers in real time
  • Charge your EV with your smartphone
  • Take control of your charging budget
  • Find the cheapest stations nearby
  • Plan your route
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Map of Freshmile charging stations

Find on the online map and in the Freshmile mobile app all the accessible charging stations with your Freshmile Pass. Check the availability of the charging stations near you, check the tariff, filter according to the power or the connectors you need.