Route planner feature

Want to plan your electric journey? It's now possible directly on the Freshmile application.

Step 1: Your journey

Enter your departure and arrival points, as well as the battery level available on departure and that desired on arrival. You can add one or more stages if you wish.
A little tip: thanks to the geolocation feature, you can choose your location as the departure or arrival point.

Step 2: Your vehicle

Choose the characteristics of your vehicle. It is possible to add several vehicles and give them names.
With this option, your route is calculated according to the model and connectors of your vehicle and the capacity of your battery. The charging stations selected by the application correspond to your car.

Step 3: Your driving style

Customise your route: the route takes into account different factors such as real time traffic, weather, avoiding tolls and motorways for example. Your trip is completely tailored to your expectations and the characteristics of your vehicle.

Freshmile offers you the best route and the available charging stations on your routes!